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24V UL 5085 transformer OF 20VA

Short Description:

  • Power: 20VA
  • Input voltage: SEE TABLE
  • Output:
  • No-load secondary voltage: 27.5VAC+/-5%
  • Load voltage @ Current (VAC @ A): 24.0VAC +/-5%@ 0.833A
  • Lead color: SEE NOTE
  • Insulation class: B (130)
  • Winding Protection: Inherently limiting
  • Temperature Protection: 130℃ thermal link with secondary circuit.
  • Dielectric Voltage-Withstand Test: 2200V between the primary circuit and core 2500V between the primary and secondary circuit 500 V between secondary circuit and core
  • Excitation power: 4.5W MAX.
  • Dimensions for reference only. (UNIT: mm [inch]):
  • Product Detail

    Product Tags

    Product Description

    We combine the two solutions, and make an in-depth research of low-frequency transformer, high-frequency transformer, power supply and reactor. We are also familiar with the certification requirements of UP, TUV, PSE, CE, ETL, and can provide comprehensive solutions including design, production, transportation, and sales. At the same time, our company has also become the transformer engineering center of Ningbo with excellent design ability, and own the honor of national high-tech enterprise.Welcome to consult and purchase

    Product Mechanical

    1. Terminal Number:
    Primary Voltage COM. 120V 208V 240V 460V 575V
    Terminal Number Pin 1 Pin 2 Pin 2 Pin 3 Pin 2 Pin 3
    Secondary Voltage COM. 24V
    Terminal Number Pin 4 Pin 5

    2.Terminal: SEE NOMENCLATURE

    3.Maybe remove the bracket according to customer requirements      (Type G Panel Mount).


    I.y = (T, G), bracket type T denote for bracket

    G denote for without bracket

    II.d = (Q1, Q2 or Q3) input/ output connection type

    Q1 denote for Pin type terminals 250(0.81 mm thick and 6.35 mm wide) Q2 denote for Pin type terminals 187(0.51 mm thick and 4.75 mm wide) Q3 denote for Pin type terminals:

    primary 187(0.51 mm thick and 4.75 mm wide);

    secondary 250(0.81 mm thick and 6.35 mm wide)

    III.zzz = (000-999), denote for Customer ID Suffix

    Product Parameters

    Model Primary Secondary
    See Note 1 for Terminal Numberinformation Pin 4-5
    Frequency,Hz Volt, V ac Volt, V ac Power, VA
    T240-021Bydzzz 50/60 120 24 20
    T240-071Bydzzz 50/60 240 24 20
    T240-241Bydzzz 50/60 120/240 24 20
    T240-271Bydzzz 50/60 208/240 24 20
    T240-131Bydzzz 50/60 460 24 20
    T240-151Bydzzz 50/60 575 24 20
    T240-2K1Bydzzz 50/60 460/575 24 20

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