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UL 5085 HVAC transformer/reactor in ZCET

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Zhongce E.T Electronics Co.,Ltd(ZCET) is an experienced and cost-effective global supplier of UL 5085 HVAC transformers/reactors.

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ZCET began to research HVAC transformer/reactor products in 2007, passed the product certification of UL5085-2 the same year, and then began to adopt PPAP files in 2009 to control its quality. With endless efforts in studying products requests in the next five years and finally established contact with the American HVAC giant Lennox in 2012. Through cooperation with Lennox, we have understood and utilized PPAP files to a higher degree so that successfully passed the requirements of Lennox. We have been cooperating with Lennox since 2014 and during the supply period, not only our customer service but also our product quality have been highly praised by them.

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Product Customization

ZCET has formed a modular production layout for this type of HVAC transformer/reactor. Short-term emergency or sharp demand increase can be met by our reserved capacity and temporary overtime. Our company can achieve long-term demand increase within 2 months by adjusting our production lines or adding new instrument or training more workers, effectively meeting your demand for HVAC transformer/reactor.

ZCET uses the advanced systematic management mode and the members from marketing system regularly communicate with customers about their needs and effectively transmits relevant information to our production system. The production system coordinates resources according to the demand, adjusts the layout, and effectively meets customer’s demand in time. By 2022, we have met our customers’ 95% demands.

If you are interested in HVAC transformer/reactor products or you need to use the products, please contact ZCET, our expertise and knowledge will provide you the best products, satisfactory service and reliable quality. We also welcome your emails or call us to discuss product experience and development trends of HVAC transformers/reactors and we can work together to promote the quality, efficiency and cost reduction of this industry.

You can contact us as bellow:
Ningbo Zhongce E.T Electronics Co.,Ltd.
Add.:No.189 Jucai Rd.,Wangchun Industrial park,315177 Ningbo,China.
Mobile Phone:+86-13819843003 +86-13858319183
Tel.:+86-574-8815 6780
Fax.:+86-574-8815 6799

We are looking forward to cooperating with you.

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