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Ningbo Zhongce E.T Electronics Co., Ltd. 


Who We Are

Ningbo Zhongce E.T Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. The history of the company can be traced back to the company called Ningbo Dongfeng Radio Factory which was founded in 1956. With nearly 20 years of hard work and the inheritance of the older generation, we has grown into a comprehensive product solution provider intelligent voltage solution and power grid cleaning solution, and our products are exported to all over the world. We also has a good reputation in the industry, currently ranked the first in East China, also ranked the top 10 in Asia.

What We Do

We combine the two solutions, and make an in-depth research of low-frequency transformer, high-frequency transformer, power supply and reactor. We are also familiar with the certification requirements of UP, TUV, PSE, CE, ETL, and can provide comprehensive solutions including design, production, transportation, and sales. At the same time, our company has also become the transformer engineering center of Ningbo with excellent design ability, and own the honor of national high-tech enterprise.

ISO14001-2015 EN

We have made significant breakthroughs in the exploration and implementation of voltage solutions and power grid cleaning solutions, showing that every conceptual requirement can be quickly converted into products with high reliability and high cost performance. And low-frequency transformer, high-frequency transformer, power supply device, and inductance reactor, as our four major categories of products, their core design and development and manufacturing technology has outstanding advantages.

In the future, we will be dedicated to the industry specialization and innovation. We will also continue to explore and research voltage solutions and power grid cleaning solutions ,trying our best to provide more cost performance products and services. At the same time, we will actively respond to the national strategy of carbon peak and carbon neutrality, and increase investment in voltage grid, rail transit, new energy industry,so as to better serve China’s industrial upgrading.

Join hands with Zhongce E.T, Wisdom to create a dream.


How We Do or Why Choose Us

Since our establishment, we have always persist in the enterprise strategy of “professional, value, speed”, and dedicated to the systematization,normalization, and standardization of the company operation. We are also dedicated to building a collaborative team with advanced R&D technology, strong manufacturing strength, considerate customer service, strong quality assurance and efficient administrative resources. What’s more, we have cooperated with domestic and foreign universities and world-renowned laboratories, introduced advanced experiment, production and detection equipment, and established the enterprise quality and technical standards and their evaluation experimental center.


Excellent quality management and meet the latest ISO quality management requirements

We describe the manufacturing process detailly and specify strict process control. At the same time, we apply scientific quality control tools to specify an effective quality management process, and the unqualified rate of the company can reach 1DPPM.


Strong ability of engineer R&D

Years of technology let us forms our own unique design software. Comprehensive knowledge system make us be familiar with all kinds of certification security requirements. And combined with advanced project management methods,we can effectively obtain, transfer, output customer's demand. At the same time, our company's own reliability test equipment can quickly and effectively verify the service life of products, eliminate problems in the design stage and effectively improve product stability.


Strong ability of produce

Years of production technology accumulation makes our production process standard and perfect and forms replicable work stations. And our company has mature capacity reserve planning, which can effectively undertake short term blowout demand growth and medium -to-long term demand growth.


Mature marketing system

Years of marketing service experience let us form a full range of marketing management system including pre-sale information collection, sales communication, and after-sales services. Welcome to experience our services and give us valuable advice! Service is endless and we're always on the road.

The History of Us

Ningbo Zhongce E.T Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. It’s an international voltage solution and power grid cleaning solution provider, which is controlled by Zhongce Electronics Group and specializes in providing cost-effective products and services. The trademake “ZCET” of us has become the preferred brand of magnetic devices in intelligent control, intelligent manufacturing and energy storage industries.

  • We set up Nanjing Zhongce E.T Electronics Co., LTD in Jiangning District, Nanjing city.
  • We set up Zhongce E.T Electric Co., LTD in Ningbo Wangchun Industrial Park.
  • We launched reaearch and development and application of voltage solutions and power grid cleaning solutions.
  • We awarded the national High-tech Enterprise and municipal Enterprise Engineering Technology Center.
  • Our annual sales exceeded 300 million yuan.
  • Our annual sales exceeded 400 million yuan.
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