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Switching power supply transformer maintenance and use

In the long-term operation of the switching power transformer process, due to parts and instruments rust and other reasons, the operation may not be smooth. Staff should regularly (half a year) to the switching power transformer oil injection tube to inject the appropriate amount of lubricant, the scraper pump for lubrication. In addition, the sampling head of the switching power transformer should be fitted with flexible rubber gaskets, and when the rubber hose is aged, it should be replaced with a new one in time. zuiAfter a long period of operation as a piece of equipment and instrument, some errors may occur and a large amount of dust will accumulate inside the switching power transformer. Workers should do a good job of daily cleaning of the switching power transformer, adhere to the annual calibration of the switching power transformer flow meter, always ensure the accuracy and precision of the switching power transformer flow meter, so that the dust detection work is more real and effective.

Switching power transformer maintenance and use

Currently on the market switching power transformer power supply is widely used AC power supply and DC power supply. Due to the different working principles and working methods of the two power supplies, different maintenance methods and means should be used according to the actual situation in the daily maintenance of the switching power transformer. When the switching power transformer uses an AC 22V power supply, the staff bixu equipped with a waterproof rubber bobbin of 30~50m in length. Be sure to check whether the wire is anquan. when the wire gel is aged or cracked, it should be discarded and replaced with a new wire in time to effectively avoid the possibility of the switching power transformer failing due to the aging of the pipe. In addition, staff should be equipped with a test pen and have several fuse tubes suitable for the sampler. If the switching power transformer fuse tubes fail, the staff can replace them in time to ensure the normal operation of the switching power transformer. When the switching power transformer uses a DC power source, such as lead-acid batteries, maintenance-free batteries, cadmium-nickel rechargeable batteries, etc. , staff should ensure that the switching power transformer is fully charged. At the same time, due to the small capacity and short charging time of some batteries, staff bixu always check the charging of the batteries and cut off the charging power in time to avoid overcharging of the switching power transformer batteries. In addition, staff should place latex tubes at both ends of the switching power transformer battery to cut off the current and prevent the battery from short-circuiting. zuiAfterwards, if the switching power transformer is idle for a long time, staff should do a good job of maintaining the internal battery and arrange for a dedicated person to charge it every month to effectively avoid the switching power transformer being switched off for a long time leading to battery aging.

At present, the vast majority of switching power transformers use cameras or special brackets for cameras. Although such brackets are lightweight, small in size and light in weight, due to their limited carrying capacity and lack of strength, switching power transformers often fall down during actual operation, which may damage the absorber tubes or internal parts of the switching power transformer. Therefore, in order to effectively solve this phenomenon, workers can use the following methods:For example, adding aluminium or rubber gaskets to the telescopic bayonet of the switch power transformer bracket to increase the load-bearing capacity and friction, or drilling holes in the bayonet and putting on movable iron bolts, or to avoid the collapse of the switch power transformer, workers can directly fix the telescopic legs of the sampler bracket with screws at a frequently used height that can fundamentally solve the problem of loose or poorly connected switching power transformer brackets.

Post time: Sep-07-2022