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Analysis of the performance characteristics of special switching power supply transformers

Switching power transformers with special purposes are called special switching power transformers. Switching power transformer in addition to AC voltage conversion, but also for other purposes, such as changing the power supply frequency, rectification equipment power supply, welding equipment power supply, electric furnace or voltage transformer, current transformer power supply, etc.. As the working conditions and load conditions of this switching power transformer are different from those of ordinary switching power transformers, they cannot be calculated using ordinary switching power transformer calculation methods.
Performance characteristics of special switching power transformers.

1. Easy installation and disassembly, small footprint, indoor and outdoor can be installed.

2. gaoxiao energy saving, only a small amount of electrical energy can absorb a lot of heat in the air, power consumption is only 1/3-1/4 of the heater.

3. special switching power transformer environmental protection wuwuran: is a non-combustion and non-emission sustainable environmental protection products.

4. Special switching power transformer operation anquan reliable: the whole system does not have the traditional dryer (oil, gas or electric heating) may exist flammable, explosive, poisoning, short circuit and other dangers, is jueduianquan reliable fully enclosed drying system.

5. Special switching power transformer with long service life and low maintenance cost. It is developed on the basis of traditional air conditioning technology. The technology is mature, the performance is stable, the operation is anquan reliable, fully automatic, no need for manual operation, intelligent control.

6. shushi convenient, high degree of automation and intelligence: automatic thermostat control device, 24 hours continuous drying operation.

The domestic special switching power transformer market has a good prospect.

As the domestic special switching power transformer market there is a huge "cake", and in view of the future of China's major projects bidding need to cooperate in the production and localization of the proportion of control provisions, as well as China's tax policy preferential and cheap labor, foreign enterprises have joined the Chinese market. The world's multinational companies, such as ABB and Siemens, have all established enterprises in China. However, small domestic enterprises have small production scale and poor risk resistance. The main competition in the whole market is between domestic enterprises and the front-runners of foreign enterprises.

At the same time, because the entry barrier is too low, competition is becoming increasingly fierce, manufacturers are competing to reduce prices, switching power transformers have excess capacity, most enterprises make a small profit or even a loss. The whole industry is facing the situation of "regrouping forces, market segmentation and redistribution of interests". The future of industrial enterprises will take the route of product differentiation, in each market segment, the special switching power transformer market is undoubtedly a fast-growing category.

Post time: Sep-07-2022